After Voided Trade, Ronnie Brown Hopes to Be a Contributor for the Eagles

Ronnie Brown believes that he can make a contribution with the Eagles.

by Chris Murray

For the Sunday Sun and the Chris Murray Report

Less than a week ago, Ronnie Brown was in Detroit learning the Lions playbook and making arrangements for his family to make the move to Michigan.

But in a stunning turn of events, the trade that sent him to the Motor City last week was voided because Jerome Harrison was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The voided trade was no doubt a blessing for him because it enabled him to get treatment for his condition.

“I don’t think if we ever came to that situation, they may not have found it soon it enough,” Brown said. “I was glad that he found about it and that’s one of the good parts about it and to get that taken care of is always good. I think everything happens for a reason. He was fortunate enough to find it in time and I heard the surgery went well.”

On the other hand, Brown, who saw Detroit as an opportunity to get more carries, it’s back to being third string running back behind Dion Lewis and merely hoping for a chance to get back on the field.

“I’m not one of those guys who’s going to sit around just because the money’s coming,” Brown said. “I want to contribute and when I feel like I can’t participate and play the game at a high level. I won’t play anymore.”

During Wednesday’s press conference, Eagles head coach Andy Reid was unclear on what Brown’s role would be moving forward.

“Listen, I think you need to have three good running backs in this league [and] I think we know that. And he’s a good running back  so that’s why we brought him here,” Reid said.

So far, Brown hasn’t touched the ball much this year with just 38 yards on 13 carries and fell behind Lewis on the depth chart after fumbling at the goal line in the loss to the San Francisco 49ers. With LeSean McCoy emerging as one of the best running backs in the league, Brown’s chance to be on the field during games is up in the air at best.

If anything else, Brown said he doesn’t mind sharing his insights and veteran experience as a running back to help McCoy and Lewis out during the course of a preparing for a game.

“Me being around for a few years now I have kind learned the ins and outs of how to recognize things as far as looking at guys in the secondary and looking at guy’s eyes, the stance of guys when you’re looking at film and seeing how guys have tendencies to give things away,” Brown said. “Hopefully, I can help them out in some aspects to help (McCoy) improve his game.”

And yet, Brown seems to have a good attitude and the proverbial “stiff upper lip” in what has to be an awkward, if not difficult situation after coming back from he was hoping to be a better opportunity.

“You let things go,” Brown said. “On this level when you dwell things, being a professional, it’s kind of like you’re holding yourself back . If I always sit back and think about what if or if I did something different, I’m not actually preparing myself for the future.”

While Brown is saying all the right things and seems to have the right frame of a mind, he wants to be on that field. After all, this is a guy who ran for 4,815 yards and scored 36 touchdowns during his six years with the Miami Dolphins. He is also the man who popularized the “Wildcat” formation.

“It’s not so much ego, it’s more or less the will and the want to get out there,” Brown said. “You’ve got used to being out there and participating, but you have to take a different road or different approach. That’s what’s different and you have to go through that adjustment process and that’s the difficult part coming from a starter to a guy who is playing a limited role.”

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